The Setex family

Our Values

Our Mission

We will be the world-class automotive seating supplier through leadership in cost, quality, launch execution and customer satisfaction. We will leverage our capabilities to drive growth, both within and beyond the automotive industry.


It is important to note the mission says Setex will be "the" world-class seating supplier, not "a" world-class seating supplier. The mission highlights the four primary areas where we will be leaders in our industry.


  • We will be the low cost provider
  • Our quality will be world class
  • We will lead in launch execution-getting things done right the first time
  • We will anticipate customer needs and consistently do what we say we will do, leading to the highest levels of customer satisfaction


High standards to be sure; but with the entire Setex organization focusing on these priorities, we can realize our mission.


Also, you may notice that the mission says we will leverage our capabilities "within and beyond the automotive industry." This ensures that first and foremost, we are the world's best automotive seating company, but also gives us the flexibility to use our capabilities where we are world class and grow beyond our core automotive markets.


Our Vision

Improving the experience of a world in motion.


Our Values

Value Behavior Statement
Do it the right way We always act ethically, with integrity, and in a social responsible manner
Play to win We meet our commitments, no excuses
Get it right the first time We deliver best-in-class performance in all that we do
Pick up the pace We make timely decisions and act with a sense of urgency
"We" before "I" We foster teamwork, think broadly, act inclusively, and communicate openly and honestly